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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Creating a special Xmas one dress at a time ...We are half way there!

Hi gals and guys

I'm super excited about this blog post because:

1/ It is less than 10 days till Xmas

2/ It is less than 15 days till NYE ( My God! Where did all the time go?)

3/ We are half way through towards donating 30% off our profit this month to Red Shield Appeal on top of our usual monthly support of Blue Dragon . (I blogged about this here)


And this would never be possible without your help.

....So on behalf of the team at KOOGAL and the amazing people at Salvation Army, I would like to thank YOU for being the koolest, the most amazing bunch of gals we could ever ask for as customers (You know who you are)

We have less than 15 days to go, to really make a change in someone's life. Whenever you buy that cute dress at KOOGAL, rest assured that you did yourself a good deed and good karma will find you.

Also, If you are feeling super generous, you can always lend us a hand by donating your social influence and help spread the words about this.

(Besides, we make it super easy for you to lend your social influence!_

Happy shopping and happy giving, pretty ladies!



Saturday, 14 December 2013

Tangerine Dream...

Hi gals and guys!
Today's blog post will be a short but exciting one, as we have on our radar this sweet Tangerine beautiful short playsuit.

This sweet I'm possible playsuit will be such a staple in your wardrobe, as it can be dress up for or down.
Here we will show you how beautiful Lydia styled her outfit (She's such a babe! We absolutely love her style and killer body)

 Lydia is wearing KOOGAL's I'm possible playsuit -$49 +Free Shipping 

Just remember, whatever you wear, make sure you feel beautiful in it because being beautiful is not completed without feeling beautiful.
Lots of love

Monday, 9 December 2013

White on white on white...

Hi gals and guys!
This is a quick re-blog of lovely blogger Lisa of See Want Shop. I must admit this outfit Lisa features our Short Cut Drape Skirt in White ($37+ Free Shipping)  is one of the most beautiful white on white on white outfits I have seen in a long long time. White can be hard to pull off, but Lisa has pulled it off beautifully.

I particularly love the amazing cut out and drape details of the skirt

Photo and styling credit of Lisa from See, Want, Shop

Stay kool, stay pretty

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Super fun behind the scene of KOOGAL photo shoot shot by Kafe Studio

Hi gals and guys!
This is a quick behind the scene video about our super fun collaboration between KOOGAL and Kafe Studio.

Though I weren't there in person, I can just feel the energy and the passion of everyone on set that day. Have fun watching ! <3

Stay kool, stay pretty

Saturday, 7 December 2013

My top summer products/things (Video)

Hi gals and guys
So today I attempt to make a quick video to show you my top products/ things I love in Summer.


tay kool, stay pretty Lots of love Tram Team KOOGAL

Friday, 6 December 2013

Good things come to good people...

Hi gals and guys!

In this blog post, I'm super happy to share that the charity KOOGAL has been supporting-Blue Dragon Children's Foundation (ran by a fellow Australian, which helps provide for street kids in Vietnam) was awarded the inaugural Unicef Vietnam ZEROaward

We are super proud of your work, and are deeply touched by the team's dedication in helping and improving the lives of thousands of street kids in Vietnam.
Thank you Blue Dragon Team ,for showing us faith in humanity

Lots of love,

Tropical dreaming...

Hi gals and guys!
It's now officially summer in Australia, and the festive season of Xmas is fast approaching (By the way, we Aussies totally rule because we celebrate Xmas At. The. Beach, Yeah! We celebrate IN STYLE! my friends" Hi-5! Even though it's now cooler than it should have been. Dear God! you should have experienced Xmas last year, 45 degree heat to begin with, you could literally just melt away.

This year, the weather is awesome, a bit strange, yes, but awesome, perfectly nice, warm, no rain with enough kool wind ( by the way, did you hear it snowed up on the mountain like 2 days ago, in summer. Australia is such a strange country, but I repeat, we Aussies totally rule! =)

This awesomely strange festive weather has me dreaming about our tropical getaway. We planned to travel to Vietnam to visit our families at the beginning of next year, and to celebrate Lunar New Year too. ( A bit of background info. for the curious types, Lunar New Year is the biggest celebration of the year for Vietnamese, and yes, it's the same occasion at the Lunar New Year The Chinese celebrate. Vietnam is heavily influenced by Chinese culture, but we invent our own food, sweets, traditions and all..., Speaking of food, I could go on ALL DAY LONG about how awesome the food is for Lunar New Year, I'll save it for another post then. It's so so so so so awesome.... I get excited just typing about it t$%*^**)

Anyways, hubby and I decided to visit Thailand, because a/Vietnam and Thailand is so close b/Thailand is awesome c/because we want to...
This is my research so far ( I get super inspired reading about people's travel experience, especially blogs with pretty pictures)

Behold for this post is full of beautiful pictures of Vietnam and Thailand...

Lantern festival in Hoian. Its beauty is beyond words. You'll just have to be right there, to feel that warm eccentric atmosphere, to walk the routes across the small town, to talk to the most honest, friendliest people, to fall in love with Hoian. Trust me on this! I was born there =)
What I love most about traveling is the excitement of discovering something new, and with Hoian I discovered that my love for good food is eternity =)

If you were planning to go to Hoian, do yourself a favour and try Com Ga (Chicken rice)
This blog post has you covered about what it is and where the best place is to have it
Street Food Hoi An  You're welcome!

By the way! FYI  I cook a mean dish of chicken rice!  =)

Danang is my second hometown and I absolutely love it there. The beach is super nice. Not like the super cold beaches in Australia, beaches in Vietnam are nice to bathe in, it's warm, and super refreshing. I looove it !

Though growing up in a beach town, as embarrass as I am, I have to admit I can't swim. (Yep! you got my Achilles heel)
Moving on from my embarrassment! if you ever visit Danang, be sure to visit Linh Ung Pagoda. It has the shape of a turtle( which considered to be one of the four sacred animals of Asian belief). Especially, there is a Guan Yin statue that is considered as the highest statue in Vietnam (67 meters height approximately 30 stories).
Rumors have that since the development of this statue, there has never been any serious natural disasters in Danang withing 6 recent years ( Locating at the rear of the East Sea, Danang and Hoian is had to face natural disasters like storms, flood, ets every year)
Remember the terrible typhoon Haiyan that destroyed Philippines earlier this year? It was forecasted  to be heading straight to Danang after leaving Philippines, and the impact would have been disastrous. In the end, it changed its way and headed towards the north before weakening and disappearing. Co-incident? You decide!

Because I have never been to Thailand, I don't have much to tell you, just a few pretty pics to share my excitement with you. Where do you plan to go for your holiday? Let me know in the comment section!

Next post, I will be showing you gals what I plan to wear on holiday. Definitely rocking my cute dresses from KOOGAL such as this one

 Nicole is so pretty in our Total Innocent Midi Dress $39 + Free Shipping
or this pretty jumpsuit

Lydia is a hot sexy boss in our I'm possible playsuit $49 +Free Shipping

or this

Denim Prism Jump $39 + Free Shipping

Awwww! I loooove being a girl <3

Stay kool and pretty

Lots of love

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tis the season of giving...

Hi guys! It's now officially summer in Australia! ( dancing around!). As much as I want to fill you in with my plans for summer, which involves A LOT of awesome things, today, I really want to talk to you guys about a very important matter, and I NEED your help!

I looove shopping, especially online shopping at KOOGAL ( ehem, ehem). Who doesn’t love finding things that make your heart go pitter-patter – a fabulous dress, the perfect cozy graphic tee, or a beautiful necklace? But what if those things could also give back to someone in need? And that’s the idea behind the today's post.

This Christmas, KOOGAL has teamed up with the nice people at Salvation Army, to help raising fund for the less fortunate, to ensure they can enjoy the festive season too.

Our Pledge
Starting from Thursday 5/12/13 to Tuesday 31/12/13, KOOGAL make a pledge to donate 30% of our profit toward the fund of the Red Shield Appeal (in addition to our monthly support of Blue Dragon).

How you can help 

The ultimate goal is to initiate generosity and love for others, but it’s a long process, so we have taken a few first steps. There are millions of people who have never supported a charity before, so asking for a monetary donation might be weird :/ (I like giving, but I don't want to be asked to give)

So we thought, let’s encourage people to donate their social influence first. How? You can donate your social influence by helping us spread the words about this worthy cause. Besides, we made it super easy for you to do so.

Next time, whenever you buy that cute dress at KOOGAL, rest assured that that you did yourself a good deed and good karma will find you.

Happy shopping and happy giving pretty ladies! 

Friday, 29 November 2013

So I missed my flight to Melbourne... and some kool styles to get us through summer

Hi guys, This should be an interesting post, as I just made my way back home from the airport. I did have a good trip traveling from home to the airport and back from the airport (to home). Well, if you don't count the fact that we missed our flight, then it was an awesome trip.

Well, here is the story! It's gonna be a long one, so grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and relax ( Well, it's not that long, so a can of diet coke will do)

 Drum rolls please! So my hubby and I were supposed to flight down to Melbourne for my darling cousin's birthday. I bought the ticket on sale several months beforehand, so we were really excited. I mean I loooove Melbourne, I love people from Melbourne, they are like the most friendly bunch of people I know ( Though Sydney still rules). Our flight is at 2: 15 pm, so we thought we had plenty of time before the flight. And being really ignorant because we live 20 min train ride from the city to the airport, we took our time. Like literally taking our time. at 12 pm, my hubby was still at home playing on computer game, and I was putting on make up (On the plus side, I looked really pretty =), and he had achieved a level up). And as we were being ignorant level 2, we stopped at a newly opened hot dog stand, grabbed ourselves 2 delicious dogs, a box full of fries, and an Easyway Green Apple Green Tea. I honestly thought we still had a lot of time left, forgetting the fact that boarding a plane is NOT like catching the train. You still have to check in 30 mins early. GODDAMIT!

So, here we were, at the airport, not being able to catch our plane, because we ate too much. (sign, when will we learn). The next flight would be late at night and to a far away airport (1hour drive) (Melbourne has 2 airports for those who don't live in Australia). I can't make my cousin drive 1 hour back and forth just to pick us up. It is ( at this point of writing) her birthday after all. So, I guess I will see your lovely faces at NYE <3

Moral of the story is: If you were to catch a plane, don't eat to much before or you 'll risk missing it. True Story!

By the way, now hubby is off to soccer, I have sometimes to kill before catching up with a few friends over dinner ( It's like the universe wants us to stay in Sydney this weekends or something, our group always planned on dinner, but not all of us were free at the same time, and now I thought I couldn't make it because we had to fly to Melbourne, we actually can make it).

Enough with the ramblings, I have something really pretty to show you guys. Beautiful blogger Kimbly of Style Me Yesterday styled up an awesome feast of pretty pink shades.  I love her hair, her tan, her legs, her heels, her everything. She is so so so pretty in our Rock my boat shift dress in Pink ($37 include Free Shipping). This dress is actually one of my personal favorites along with this awesome The Night Wide Leg Pants ($39 include Free Shipping) and this In dream maxi skirt overalls ($48 include Free Shipping).

Is she not super beautiful? "Swoon" 
Did I mention this beautiful dress comes in a light caramel and black stripes as well? 
Sooo kool, right? 
This image of Olivia Palermo tote inspires me!
1/ Wide leg pants totally rock and if you team it with the right top and accessories, they can do your style wonder. And they are so comfy in. Imagine wearing pants with the flow of a skirt, minus the discomfort of worrying about flashing your underwear. SCORE!
2/ The neutral colored wide leg pants are a classic stable in your wardrobe and you can never go wrong with a black or nube pairs. 
Here is KOOGAL's take on the trend. I looove it! 
3/ With a face like that, Olivia can pull of can outfits!True Story!
I absoluetly love the pretty color of the Shocker Chiffon Top ($37 include Free Shipping). This top as styled by the lovely Kimberley was a total success for us, so we are brinnging more kool colors like this cute aqua or black one. Yay!

And god forbid! The fabric is soo kool! Imagine wearing nothing but a satin sheet, it feels that kool (except for the fact that this top is as appropriate to wear to work and out, wearing a sheet of satin to work would be no no=)
Anyways, I won't be goin on about how much I love the skirt, as I blogged about it before. But seriously gals and guys, the skirt is tote kool!
Like this kool!

I will be updating KOOGAL with much much more kool stuff, don't miss out girls! Join our KOOL club on Facebook and Instagram 
Lots of love and peace! 
By the way, anyone knows where I can shop for Rosie's legs? Summer is coming to Australia, and I'm desperate!
Tram =)

Thursday, 28 November 2013


This has been our best seller for this week. Obviously, you guys love this hot color.
Amazing Lydia of itslydboss definitely rocks this playful Motel city playsuit. When you wear it out, you will feel like a sexy hot boss. With little accessories to show off the sexy neckline, and a pair of killer heels, and you are ready to rock and roll!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Hi girls!
Who else is excited that Xmas is fast approaching. Can you believe it's almost the end of November? Oh God! Where did all the time go? And I haven't even started my Xmas shopping.

Well, at least I have these amazing new pieces at KOOGAL HQ to comfort my desire of cute clothes. Because Australia's weather ( at least in Sydney) has been acting a little cray cray, I choose to play it safe (and smart) by adding some super cute midi dress. They are not that long to get in your way, but not that short ( so when the wind blows, you don't have to cover up) hence the name MIDI dress.

And they are soooooo CUTE...! I mean, I'm one of those people who hates anything in the middle ( I mean it's either a YES, or a NO, what's with all the 'maybe' right?) but I gotta admit I'm sold, on these cute babies. Don't take my words for it!
Check em out and buy em! You're welcome! =D


Oh! And did I mention the cool warrior like maxi skirt? Oh, the skirt..... I LOVE KOOGAL's MAXI SKIRT. 
I feel like a Goddess or a warrior wearing it. Ok, with normal double slit skirts, I may not be comfortable fighting in battles ( yes, I will be wearing skirt to battles, if I ever have to go on a fight) since the risk of over-exposing my delicate part ( or flashing my bum bum) is obvious. But this skirt, it comes with freaking short shorts, and it's soo cute. Don't even get me started on how cool the chiffon feels against my legs. And the way it fly with the wind, and I'm still not flashing any one. WONDERFUL! 

And they come with freaken faux leather bracelet, so whenever I feel like hipster, I'll pull em out and leave em hanging round my thighs, because hipsters don't care bro!

And oh god! the skirt comes in yellow! I love yellow, it's the color of the sun, and I really need some sunshine right now, Sydney has been raining pretty much the last week

I will be updating KOOGAL with much much more kool stuff, don't miss out girls! Join our KOOL club on Facebook and Instagram 
Lots of love and peace! 
Tram =D