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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Creating a special Xmas one dress at a time ...We are half way there!

Hi gals and guys

I'm super excited about this blog post because:

1/ It is less than 10 days till Xmas

2/ It is less than 15 days till NYE ( My God! Where did all the time go?)

3/ We are half way through towards donating 30% off our profit this month to Red Shield Appeal on top of our usual monthly support of Blue Dragon . (I blogged about this here)


And this would never be possible without your help.

....So on behalf of the team at KOOGAL and the amazing people at Salvation Army, I would like to thank YOU for being the koolest, the most amazing bunch of gals we could ever ask for as customers (You know who you are)

We have less than 15 days to go, to really make a change in someone's life. Whenever you buy that cute dress at KOOGAL, rest assured that you did yourself a good deed and good karma will find you.

Also, If you are feeling super generous, you can always lend us a hand by donating your social influence and help spread the words about this.

(Besides, we make it super easy for you to lend your social influence!_

Happy shopping and happy giving, pretty ladies!



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